User Industries

  • Valves
  • Earth Mover
  • Elevator
  • Crusher
  • Textile
  • Compressor
  • Automobile
  • Railways
  • Coke oven

Product Range

  • Compression Springs
  • Tension/Extension Springs
  • torsion Springs
  • Heavy Duty Springs
  • Automotive Coil Springs
  • Sheet Metal Components

Manufacturing Process

  • To verify parties Drawing / Samples covering proper design aspects.
  • Straightening & cutting of wires / bars.
  • Coiling on semi / fully automatic machine.
  • Sizing & finishing process to maintain required length.
  • Eng. grinding on automatic spring grinder with continuous cooling.
  • Heat treatment in Auto control electric furnace max. 1000o C.
  • Tempering in auto control electric furnace with Air forced circulation upto 500o C.
  • Hardness testing in BHN / RC.
  • Scragging & Pressings (100%) on Hydraulic press having capacity up to 25 tones.
  • Load testing on digital load testing machines.
  • Surface finishing as per requirement like blackodising, plating, painting, powder coating etc.
  • Stage inspection at each process.
  • Final inspection & preparation of all test certificates.

Quality Assurance, Reliability & Consistency

  • The coil springs passes through rigorous tests with latest inspection facilities to achieve accuracy & Reliability.
  • Consistency striving to ensure zero defect from manufacturing to finished products.
  • Aditya has been consistency delivering highest quality & conform to IS/BS/DIN standards.


  • Rendering timely services beginning from attending inquires  up to final deliveries.
  • Equipped fully to meet Critical & urgent schedules & deadlines.
  • Believes in customer oriented approach to solve any scale of Engineering level problems.

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